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01 Jun 2012

Branding and Marketing Planning with Dean Guitars CEO, Elliott Rubinson

Camera: The CEO of Armadillo Enterprises, Elliott

01 Jun 2012


The CEO of Armadillo Enterprises, Elliott Rubinson agreed to be the first contributing expert to the SMARTS Library entrepreneurship and business video project;  Armadillo Enterprises owns the popular musical instrument brands, Dean Guitars, Luna Guitars, and Ddrum drums; brands that Elliott and his team have built into one of the worlds largest musical instrument manufacture/distribution companies in the world.

Elliott delivers an interesting and informative look into the origins, strategies, and marketing planning aspects from formative years and present operations, and the shoot provides a look behind the scenes at their Tampa headquarters, warehouse, and USA guitar custom shop.

This is the first post in the new SMARTS Video Blog, that will feature successful entrepreneurs, business owners, subject matter experts, and thought leaders on a variety of topics of interest to business capitalization, leadership, marketing, advertising, law, technology, communications, interesting companies, and the media arts.

I hope you enjoy this interview and all those to come.

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