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02 Jun 2012

Buying Creative Services

Marketing Savvy As always, companies seek out and

02 Jun 2012

Marketing Savvy

As always, companies seek out and deploy effective marketing strategies to build business.  In the new economy, the energy, urgency, and marketing options evolve and emerge at a pace that continues to accelerate, which presents opportunities for messaging through a variety of channels, in many cases, at lower cost.

As creative agencies adopt and leverage the tech-enabled tools of the trade, and open up distribution of graphic, motion graphic, video, and audio arts in service of clients through traditional and digital media in more ways than ever, buyers of these services will benefit from understanding the creative process and how these assets are produced.

In this video interview, Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of SavvyDog Design, Lisa Nalewak, shares her thoughts about the client-agency relationship.  She shares information about the skill sets and application of creative, technical, and strategic professionals in producing graphic arts for business applications.  Lisa’s insights will help build understanding and confidence in buying from these specialty service companies.

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