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Pitching for a Capital Raise; Video for Your Pitch

We’ve had several inquiries lately about the use of video in capital raise initiatives, from simply adding audio and video elements to standard pitch decks, to creating and producing “pitch reels” that make a connection, impact, and lasting impression on individual investors or investor groups.

Video is a terrific medium to add to this kind of outreach effort.   It can be used as a stand alone piece to “break the ice” and test interest, and also for use in support of more detailed pitch decks and presentation documentation.   Video can introduce more personalized character and content to capital raise campaigns, applying creativity, humor, and individualized themes in making these critical connections.

We recently produced a “Pitch Reel” for a new tech company that is seeking investment capital for launching and scaling its product.   In this case, the video was created and produced for an audience of “one”; Sir Richard Branson.  The video was produced around the common interest of the client CEO and Branson in the sport of kiteboarding.

This piece, created for HORN CEO, Lawrence T. Levine, built a story around Levine’s and Branson’s common love of kiteboarding, connecting special and very specific elements of the kiteboarding world and personal experiences of the two men with the technology behind, and applications of the HORN product.  The piece then proceeds with an overview of HORN’s present situation, successful history in tech launches and exits, and objective of scaling the product globally.

This pitch reel will be used to catch Branson’s eye, along with the rest of his exclusive review team, as part of the Extreme Tech Challenge (ETC) program.  The video will accompany a brief pitch deck and forms with necessary details, but the idea was to create a piece that would hit reviewers in the face, connect directly with Branson, and compel the ETC folks to focus on the HORN opportunity.

Check out the video and see if you agree with us that Sir Richard will want to check it out; and then take a second look for good measure!

Good luck to Lawrence and his team at HORN and thank you for trusting SMARTS with this important work!