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Media planning

Traditional media such as broadcast television, cable

Traditional media such as broadcast television, cable television, broadcast radio, movie theaters, outdoor signage and print are staples for viewing an advertising message, and now markets are spread out even further via websites, tablets, smart phones, social media and text messages. SMARTS helps client companies develop effective strategies and plans for getting the brand, message, and call to action in front of the right people across media.

Media buying can be tricky, and our experts can help optimize the deployment of advertising dollars to target and reach your customers. Some advertising channels are less expensive than many clients believe, particularly cable television which can target consumers by category, media habits, market, and by county. Your message can be seen on dozens of America’s leading cable networks in thousands of programs, with the added benefit of targeting your message on a market by market basis.

Media strategies and advertising placements are also getting smarter, leveraging demographic, buyer behavior, location, and preference data and performance analytics. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can jump start traffic to your online assets, while “organic” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics improve your listing results over time. Blended programs may be the best approach for your marketing communications campaign.