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Simply put, we apply the use of video, graphic, motion graphic, animation, design and musical arts to creating and distributing branded content across broadcast, website, learning, and social media networks.

We collaborate with clients at any desired level of effort, producing simple enhancements to existing media, to the development and management of comprehensive programs for converging brand development and promotion across broadcast, website, and social media networks. We look at the relationship as applying our resources as an extension of your team. This brings you, our client, the depth and productivity of our experts at much lower cost than the expense of internally staffing equivalent capacity.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Every organization and enterprise needs a comprehensive approach to connecting mission, product, or service with a brand identity; reach external and internal customers with that identity and message; connect with them on an individual and organizational level; everywhere.

As traditional and digital media channels continue to emerge and evolve, it is more important than ever that your brand and message are established as a “footprint” that can be easily found everywhere; particularly in the digital realm.  If you’re not there, you don’t exist.

SMARTS’ leadership have the business experience and talent to collaborate with clients in the visioning, organization of marketing assets, planning, budgeting, and scheduling marketing programs across traditional and digital media channels.

Branding & Messaging

Who are you as an organization; in planning, growing, dusting off or reinventing? Your identity in graphic and multimedia form is your face to the world. Connecting with the world and drawing customers/clients to your product or service is a creative art form, with the power to make or break the venture.

SMARTS people have that creative “stuff” that translates a message into color and movement and captures the imagination and attention. Branding from logo/slogo concept and design through website development, multimedia production including radio and television commercial and corporate video production are part of our core competence.

Media strategies, demographic analysis and media buying on local, regional, and national scales are also part of the SMARTS arsenal.

Public Relations

Effective marketing strategies include finding the differentiating and newsworthy characteristics of your enterprise, the people within it, and activities surrounding it, then creatively “packaging” and connecting this information with markets through media channels.

Public, political, community, and enterprise relationship building is especially challenging these days with content coming at everyone from every direction.   It is more important than ever that your content is crafted to capture the interest of discriminating media distributors who serve as “gatekeepers” for their channels , and media consumers with an apatite for your message.

This work is clearly a marketing “art”, requiring excellence in messaging, writing, media connections, and business savvy.  SMARTS brings this blend of talent, experience, content creation, connections, and insight to client initiatives.

Here are several considerations and applications of public relations that should be part of your marketing communications strategies and tactics:

  • Leadership & Key Personnel Changes
  • Product & Service Announcements
  • Internal & External Stakeholder Messaging
  • Permitting & Community Relations for Projects
  • Corporate & Executive Reputation Management/Repair
  • Comprehensive Marketing Communications Planning
  • Traditional, Digital, Social Media Integration
  • National, Regional, and Local Initiatives
  • Press Kits
  • Writer’s Platforms
  • Editorial/News Release Calendars
  • Deal Flow
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data-driven Strategy
  • Press Releases
  • Feature Releases
  • Journalist Relations

Project Delivery

We use a cloud-based platform for project management called Basecamp.  Basecamp provides a very simple dashboard setup as a hub for internal email communications/discussions, real-time collaboration and sharing of text documents, file sharing in all media, automatic progress updates (each morning), scheduling, “to do” list assignments and reminders.

Basecamp is used to host a “project” for management of every engagement across all resources to facilitate tightly coordinated communication, efficient teamwork, and delivery of the project.