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Video is the most effective medium for telling your story, communicating your organizational character and offering through engaging visual and audio windows into your world. The statistics are undeniable; video attracts and retains attention, and video applications are exploding as the technologies of visual arts creative tools and distribution channels enable more affordable access to high quality and amazing productions.

Scripting & Pre-Production

From conception to completion, we provide strategic planning, creative ideation, script writing, storyboarding, casting, set design, location scouting; everything that makes a video production of any scale come to life efficiently and effectively. Preparation and planning are critical elements of every project to ensure great results, and telling a compelling story in a way that the desired eyes and ears enthusiastically receive it is always a primary objective.

Production & Post-Production

SMARTS’ production work deploys the optimal mix of equipment, experienced direction, and talented crew, scaled appropriately for each piece. We deliver high-definition videography, lighting, makeup, special effects and animations, sound, and post-production editing – where the magic really happens! We’ll shoot on land, from the air, on the water and even in the water.

We love this work; putting the power of video, music, animations, and motion graphics into the hands of our clients, and in creating each piece, whether simple, small clips or major productions, our approach is to optimize the message; make it connect emotionally, intellectually, in context with brand and targeted internal and external customers.